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Here’s situation countless business owners find themselves in: They need a small business loan, but certain elements of a traditional business term loan are making them reexamine their decision.

The business owner’s credit history isn’t exactly perfect. With the need cash within the next few days, some borrowers do not apply for a term loan because they are pressed for time. Furthermore, they are not looking for a large amount of capital and only need enough to cover regular overheads for a few months. Most of their operational funding could be tied up in other ventures, or their industry’s slow season is in its most crucial phase.

Assuming all business owners can afford to make fixed, monthly payments immediately after receiving funds is not realistic. While all small business loans are designed to increase or steady revenue, it’s often not possible to make this happen overnight. Most costly ventures take months to impact revenue and must be pursued right away in order to achieve the desired result.

When a traditional term loan seems like it would do more damage than good, a Working Capital Loan may very well be your best option. Contact us today for your FREE working capital consultation!

Max Funding Amount

$10K to $5M

Funding Term

3-10 Years


Starting at 9%


1-3 Business Days
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What Documents Will I Need To Apply For Working Capital Loans?

Driver’s License

Voided Business Check

Bank Statements

Credit Score

Business Tax Returns

Credit Card Processing Statements

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What is a Working Capital Loan?

There are many kinds of working capital loans, the most common being a short-term working capital loan. The amount varies and can be as low as a few thousand dollars being it is based on the daily and/or monthly costs of running your business. You would have as little as four months to pay off the debt in full, and payments can be collected on a variety of ways.

Borrowers with large credit card sales would be wise to consider a merchant cash advance. This type of working capital loan provides a lump sum in exchange for a fixed percentage of daily debit and/or credit card sales until the balance is paid in full. The amount is based on the sum of debit and/or credit transactions you are expected to perform over a set period. Payments are only taken when you make sales so as not to affect your cash flow negatively.

Another type of working capital loan we offer is accounts receivable factoring, which is custom-made for borrowers with unpaid receivables or invoices. After assessing the entity that owes the borrower, we buy the unpaid receivables for a discount and then pay the borrower right away. It is then our responsibility to collect the payment from the customer or client. Once the payment is received, the borrower is paid whatever was missing from the first payment, minus a percentage. The discount and percentage are the fees, like interest on a traditional business loan.

What do I need a Working Capital Loan for?

Short-term working capital loans are well-matched for short-term investments or cash shortages. Regarding the later situation, funding is only approved if the shortage is brief and beyond the borrower’s control. Short-term working capital loans also give the means to take advantage of unexpected opportunities that would eat up much of operational funding. Without this working capital loans, smaller businesses would not be able to accept profitable, lengthy projects since they would have no money to pay their bills or employees until completion.

A merchant cash advance, on the other hand, is ideal for mid-term investments. Examples include an advertising campaign, buying bulk inventory, new equipment, or a batch of seasonal hires. All are expected to increase revenue, but in a few months’ time. Many CCF clients take out merchant cash advances when business is slow, using this period to carry out long-term investments and pay off the debt when revenue increases.

Accounts receivable factoring steadies cash flow that became unstable due to payments from clients or customers that are yet to come in. Instead than waiting well over a month for payment, the borrower is paid by the business lender instantly after the receivable is bought. The borrower can then use the funding for anything. A common function of accounts receivable factoring is signing a deal with a new client that the borrower normally could not afford because of postponed compensation. Apply now to see how much you qualify for!

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