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You have done your research and decided that one of the most ideal business funding programs for you is merchant cash advance. There’s just one problem: Most of your sales do not come from debit or credit cards. And unlike many borrowers who take out merchant cash advances, you don’t want to use your funding to get through the slow season or fix broken equipment. You want to give your revenue a momentous increase, and you know just how you’re going to do it. Sales have been solid over the past few months, so it won’t be tough to prove to your business lender that revenue will rise even further soon.

You would consider an SBA Loan were it not for your less than perfect credit score, or your lack to provide collateral. Banks tend to forget that real, maintainable growth does not happen instantaneously. Fixed, monthly payments might only hinder your efforts to increase revenue. The more time and freedom available to concentrate on what you do best, the more revenue you will eventually bring in.

If this situation sounds familiar, you might be a perfect applicant for Revenue Based Business Loans, or a business cash advance. Subscribers of this new business funding program share at least one common goal: progressively increasing revenue over time. Contact us today for your FREE business funding consultation!

Max Funding Amount

$10K to $5M

Funding Term

3 – 10 Years


Starting at 9%


1-3 Business days
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What Documents Will I Need To Apply For Revenue Based Business Loans?

Driver’s License

Voided Business Check

Bank Statements

Credit Score

Business Tax Returns

Credit Card Processing Statements

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What Is A Revenue Based Business Loan?

A revenue-based business loan is closely identical to a merchant cash advance. But instead of just debit and credit card sales, eligibility depends on your total monthly revenue. So, you may need to show a certain amount of monthly revenue from the past few months to be eligible. The other primary factors for eligibility are how fast your monthly income is likely to grow and how much more revenue you are expected to receive. Credit score will not affect your application because your business lender will be more concerned with your business’s future, not the troublesomeness of the past.

Your total capital amount will be a multiple of your monthly revenue, like, 1x – 2x.

Much like merchant cash advance, payments are deducted as a fixed percentage of your monthly revenue. The “capture rate” percentage may be negotiable, but it is usually below 10% to have as little consequence on cash flow as possible. So, while you will be making daily payments, the amount depends on how much income you make each day. Think of it as retailing a percentage of your future revenue in exchange for a large sum to be put towards a revenue-generating investment.

What do I need A Revenue Based Business Loan for?

A revenue-based business loan can be used for multiple purposes. But, because this business funding program is so reliant on revenue, it is very helpful to prepare a solid internal business plan that explains how much your desired investment will upsurge revenue over a certain period. Your chances of approval might also be higher if your revenues are subscription-based or easily foreseeable through a monthly, recurring system.

Examples of investments that are appropriate for revenue-based business loans are product development, hiring more employees, or mass advertising initiatives. The main theme of these investments is the direct connection between spending a certain amount of money to reach a specific goal. For instance, an applicant might say that by hiring a certain number of employees, monthly sales will increase by a certain percentage.

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And since you do not have to make fixed payments monthly, revenue-based business loans will be approved for long-term investments. In these situations, a relatively slow month is, in fact, more of a strength than a weakness because it lets you dedicate more attention to implementing your plan. The most profitable initiatives usually take more time to carry out. Apply now to see how much you qualify for!

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