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All small business owner deals with an endless stream of overheads, but the expanse faced by franchise owners may very well be unparalleled. And unlike their independently-owned opponents, most of the expenses associated with franchises are a requirement. In addition to the investments they choose themselves and normal operational expenses, franchise owners must follow the fee structure forced upon them by their parent company, or “Franchisor.” No matter how franchise owners want to work their businesses, they will be constantly tasked with vast fees all throughout the year.

Financial difficulties are particularly high for new franchise owners, who must pay a large fee just for opening a new location. Royalty and advertising fees are recurrently deducted once the location opens for business. Some new franchise owners are even told to pay for new employees to undergo a special training program. This is all topped off by the unavoidable need for new equipment or furniture.

With so many overheads on their plates, it’s easy to foresee multiple expenses piling up at once. Cadreau Capital Funding offers Franchise Business Loans and Financing, so franchise owners can grow their businesses and cover repeated expenses on time without crippling profits or cash flow. Contact us today for your free business funding consultation!

Max Funding Amount

$10K to $5M

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3 – 10 years


Starting at 5.8%


3 Business days
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What Documents Will I Need To Apply For A Franchise Business Loan?

Driver’s License

Voided Business Check

Bank Statements

Credit Score

Business Tax Returns

Credit Card Processing Statements

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What Are Franchise Business Loans?

Franchise business loans merely refers to small business loans that are explicitly designed to offset the cash flow trials associated with opening, sustaining and growing a franchise. Since these tasks are massive in size and number, you can use the money for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you need a cushion for a sequence of impending bills or a large sum to cover single, upfront fee, we are here to help.

Payment terms can be adjusted based on a list of aspects such as seasonality, future forecasts, and how certain expenses will affect others. We are mindful that franchises must cover more weekly and monthly costs than more traditional business models. Therefore, we would not assign the same business loan program to a franchise that we would an independent retailer or food establishment. Payments will not stop you from covering required franchise expenses.

What makes our franchise business loans so uniquely helpful is our ability to approve and allocate funding in just a few business days, nevertheless of which type of business funding program is recommended for you. Weakening stress is a topmost priority of Cadreau Capital Funding. Franchise owners are likely to handle the tasks of a sales executive, accountant, recruiter, and so on. Rather than taking on yet another duty for months on end, franchise owners can effortlessly get their financial plans in order with our franchise business loans.

What do I need a Franchise Business Loans for?

Our main forte with franchises are opening new locations. We can give the capital to cover franchise fees or new equipment upfront, which can be helpful since profit margins are typically very tight for franchises. If weekly deductions from royalties or marketing are keeping profits stationary, we can ease the weight of your overall monthly costs. The first costs of opening a new location can make it problematic to grow present locations on schedule, but not if you have enough cash to cover the largest expenses instantly.

Franchise business loans can also pay for needed upgrades and long-term advertising campaigns, especially if they hinder separate growth initiatives or are forced when profitability is already at risk.

One primary cost of opening a new franchise that can eat up a lot of capital is building a team. Some franchises have firm rules about the vendors and suppliers you can work with but who you hire is up to you. Franchise business loans can cover payroll in your new location’s early stages or other regular overheads, so you can take your time interviewing and training new employees.

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Putting off necessary expenses isn’t always a death decree, but it will certainly cut profits little by little. Franchises must grow their profits to grow the rest of their business.  Cadreau Capital Funding can help you make vital payments in advance or on schedule so that weekly deductions and recurring upgrades have little if any effect on monthly profits. Apply now to see how much you qualify for!

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