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Which color best describes your credit health?

Your credit score has a major impact on what credit is available to you and how much interest you will pay.


Highest Probability of Denials
Highest Interest Rates


High Probability of Denials
High-Interest Rates


Acceptable Credit
Possible Approvals


High Probability of Approvals
Better Interest Rates

What Is A Credit Report?

Your credit report is the “big brother” report card that is periodically updated by your creditors. This report card is maintained by credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Cadreau Capital Funding credit repair services focus on ensuring the credit reporting agencies are managing your report properly. Credit repair is about making sure what is on the report is verified and belongs there. With the help of CCF, we will help restore your credit report to its full potential, legally. Optimization of your credit report will produce the best credit score.

The Law Is On Your Side!

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Agency) and other consumer protection laws give us the right to obtain your credit report, check it for corrections, and investigate the items that are unfairly reported. We also have permission to improve items that are affecting your score negatively. CCF will help you get your credit in a much better position.

A credit restoration case is a very sensitive case. No one is better experienced to repair your credit report and boost your score than a credit professional. Contact us today!

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