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Alternate business funding firms are typically connected with cutting-edge and lesser-known business funding programs. But at Cadreau Capital Funding, we understand that many business owners would prefer something much more modest. Not everyone has the time to inquire about all the new types of small business loans available. Operating a small business is difficult enough and having to alter your goals to meet terms you have never heard of may only make your planned investments tenser.

Therefore, we offer Business Term Loans, which is the most common type of small business loan. Business term loans by tradition have been the go-to choice for growing companies. When a company decides it is going to need some extra cash soon, they begin to manage their funds with a business term loan in mind. They visualize how they will use a business term loan to back their investment without jeopardizing cash flow.

But then they grasp that traditional business lenders entail a flawless credit score, assets that can be used as insurance, don’t forget massifs of paperwork! We are happy to inform you that these requirements can no longer abolish your dreams of securing a substantial business term loan. In fact, not one of them is required to access most small business loans from Cadreau Capital Funding. Contact us today for your free business funding consultation!

Max Funding Amount

$10K to $5M

Funding Term

3 – 10 years


Starting at 9%


1-3 Business days
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What Documents Will I Need To Apply For A Business Term Loan?

Driver’s License

Voided Business Check

Bank Statements

Credit Score

Business Tax Returns

Credit Card Processing Statements

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What is a Business Term Loan?

A business term loan is very easy to understand. The borrower gets a large sum of money that is repaid, with added interest, over a fixed period. Payments can be made on a variety of occurrences (monthly, bi-weekly, daily etc.) and are lower than payments for short-term business loans. This is because business term loans are usually paid back over a number of years, while most short-term business loans are due in just a few months. And unlike other types of small business loans, payments for business term loans are fixed and will begin at once after you receive capital. You pay the same amount back at the same regularity. Cadreau Capital Funding, however, may be able to modify your payment amount or frequency during the repayment process to prevent harm to cash flow.

Interest rates are fixed for these sorts of programs. Like quite a few, other requirements of your business term loan, interest depends on a variety of aspects. Your business’s cash flow, revenue, credit rating, and monetary needs can all play a part in the amount and terms of your business term loan. The benefit of working with Cadreau Capital Funding is that in most cases, our terms are up for negotiation. We may be prepared to tailor your borrowing amount, interest rate, due date, and payment frequency to guarantee you do not have to continually dig into personal or operational funding to make on-time payments.

What do I need a Business Term Loan for?

Business term loans are best matched for long-term investments that are expensive and highly profitable. In this situation, payments would be low and effortlessly balance by the increase in revenue that comes from your chosen investment.

Instances of long-term investments include buying new equipment, launching a marketing campaign, adding a new location, or buying inventory for the approaching season. These investments may not directly contribute to your revenue stream for a few months, but their yields are worth the wait. In other words, the kind of investment that calls for a business term loan should only be pursued if you are certain your business has made enough demand to offset its cost. Preferably, an extensive boost in revenue will not be the only prize of using a business term loan to grow your business. Your revenue would surge more and more over time, as opposed to the momentary boost that might come from a short-term business loan.

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Business term loans can also help you improve your credit score more effectively than most other business capital programs. Just a few on-time payments will increase your credit score and outshine bad credit history. Once the business term loan is fully repaid, you will become qualified for the second round of funding with more promising terms. This could very well be a vital move for businesses looking to keep the momentum they received from their first business term loan. Apply now to see how much you qualify for!

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