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Giving recent statistics, women own 12 million US-based businesses and jumpstart their businesses five times quicker than the average American small business.

It’s irrefutable that women have the same entrepreneurial drive as their male counterparts. But if this is the circumstance, why do women-owned businesses employ a mere 8% of the private workforce? Why do just 2% of women-owned businesses earn more than $1 million in revenue?

Women are incapable to grow their businesses at the same rate men. Why? Compared to men, women have a notably harder time securing small business loans.

Women are discriminated against by many traditional business loan lenders for the following three reasons:

  1. Women have the tendency to jumpstart their businesses with much less personal capital than men. As a result, having a lower net worth and little money in the bank gives a bad impression. It gives the impression that the borrower will not be able to afford the payments should business not go as planned.
  2. Due to the nature of female-dominated industries, the traditional business lender is more prone to not approve small business loans for industries that are labeled as “risky” or “slow growth,” such as retail or hospitality.
  3. The credit score of the average woman is lower than the average man. Historically, credit score is one of the top deciding factors to approve small business loans.

As a result, limited access to Small Business Loans for Women is chiefly attributed to business lenders who are trapped in the past. But at Cadreau Capital Funding, we recognize the rigid notions about women-owned business have only wounded the US economy. Contact us today for your free business funding consultation!

Max Funding Amount

$10K to $5M

Funding Term

3 – 10 years


Starting at 8%


1-3 Business days
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What Documents Will I Need To Apply For Small Business Loans?

Driver’s License

Voided Business Check

Bank Statements

Credit Score

Business Tax Returns

Credit Card Processing Statements

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What is a Small Business Loan For Women?

Cadreau Capital Funding offers distinct small business loans intended to accommodate the common drawbacks of female business owners.

We do not differentiate based on industry, net worth, credit score, or the scope of the applicant’s business. A woman with a less-than-perfect credit score who owns a small storefront could very well have access to the same capital and terms as any other business owner. Many CCF clients borrow capital to help pay off the debts that gave them bad credit or can improve their credit score significantly with just a few on-time payments.

CCF’s business loans can also be customized for borrowers with less working capital to play around with. When business owners want to nurture their businesses, they may need extra cash to cover operational expenses as well. We offer a wide variety of business loan programs and can develop payment terms that compensate for irregular dips in revenue. Occasionally, having less working capital only means the borrower needs more time to pay the debt in full.

Small business loans for women grant female business owners the same abilities as male business owners, which includes being able to pay off debt without jeopardizing cash flow or operational funding.

What do I need a Small Business Loan for?

Small business loans for women can have the same purpose as small business loans for men. The cash can be used for anything. Cadreau Capital Funding offers this liberal business funding program to level the playing field. There are immeasurable female business owners with histories that are just as remarkable (if not more) as their male opponents. They are often incapable to grow their businesses to the same extent, however, due to the three above-mentioned limitations.

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Female business owners should take advantage of small business loans for women if factors like inadequate funds, poor credit, or their industry are the only things hindering the growth of their businesses. Rather than acting as if these restrictions do not exist, we work around them, so they do not limit your opportunity to grow. Borrowers can finance sizable investments without worrying about being debilitated by the repayment plans of traditional small business loans.

At Cadreau Capital Funding, our clients are judged solely by performance. All you must do is show that your business is doing well. Small business loans for women simply give the funding and terms you fairly deserve for your hard work. Apply now to see how much you qualify for!

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