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Understanding the scuffles of running a business, we also help business owners with less than perfect credit history.
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If you have bad credit, you are already aware that getting approved for a bank loan is practically impossible. But at Cadreau Capital Funding, our lending partners understand that bad credit is not necessarily a sign of poor revenue. We have met many responsible, hard-working business owners with bad credit to subscribe to this belief. Therefore, our lending partners offer special Bad Credit Business Loans for borrowers with poor or little credit history.

Besides, bad credit is often time not the fault of the business owner. Situations beyond your control can disturb cash flow and push you to miss payments just to keep your business active. A single missed payment is likely to reduce your credit score by over 100 points. And that missed payment may have happened merely because someone else, like a business partner or employee, did not do their job appropriately. These situations naturally ascend out of nowhere, and your bank is unable of approving small business loans before your bills are due.

You may think borrowers with bad credit would have a tougher time obtaining funding from CCF lending partners than borrowers with good to excellent credit, but this is not the case. Our lending partners only review your last three months of bank and merchant statements. If your business is grossing steady revenue and yielding earnings, your bad credit will have little influence on your business loan application. Contact us today for your FREE business funding consultation!

Max Funding Amount

$10K to $5M

Funding Term

3 – 10 years


Starting at 9%


1-3 Business days
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What Documents Will I Need To Apply For A Bad Credit Business Loan?

Driver’s License

Voided Business Check

Bank Statements

Credit Score

Business Tax Returns

Credit Card Processing Statements

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What are Bad Credit Business Loans?

“Bad credit business loan” does not refer to an exact type of small business loan with precise terms. In fact, business owners with bad credit can be approved for multiple types of business loans. Having little or poor credit just makes the terms of these business loans different. You may be able to borrow up to the same amount as any other small business loan. But your interest rate may be a bit higher, or your financing repayment may have a shorter period.

What makes small business loans with bad credit so accommodating for certain borrowers is that they have at least one supplementary function. For example, some bad credit business loans can be designed in a way that radically improves your credit score with just a few consistent payments. Are you looking to pay off the debts that gave you bad credit in the first place? Your terms may allow you to do this before paying off your business loan at a rate that does not threaten cash flow.

Programs available for business owners with bad credit:

  • Short-Term Business Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advance (Credit Card Processing Loans)
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Accounts Receivable Factoring
  • Revenue Based Business Loans (Business Cash Advance)

What do I need a Bad Credit Business Loan for?

Being that there are several types of bad credit business loans, each loan program can aid various purposes. But how you use the cash is up to you. Whether you need to catch up on bills, combine your business debts, modernize your brick and mortar or market your new product, you can get approved for a small business loan with bad credit.

A merchant cash advance is one of the simplest types of business funding to get with bad credit, but payments will not increase your credit score. This goes for most types of capital, lest you are paying the bills that are affecting your bad personal credit. Your payments will, however, help your business credit. Better business credit gives you the authority to ask for credit allowances from your vendors/suppliers and preserve your cash flow in the process.

Another practical choice is a short-term business loan, which helps your credit score by making quick payments and keeping your credit use low. The funding would substitute the credit you would otherwise use to cover costs and help you pay off your credit card debt. Your payments would appear on your business credit report in just three or four months and outshine poor credit history from the past. Business partners & vendors will also want to work with you now that you can claim good personal credit.

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Regardless of which type of bad credit business loan you take out with CCF, paying it back in full will make you qualified for better terms and lower rates. Many clients start their partnership with CCF by rapidly paying off short-term business loans, so they can obtain a larger small business loan and do more to enlarge their businesses. Once the lender sees that you can pay off debt while working on your business, you should have no problem being approved for more funding that will reach your bank account faster than your first. Apply now to see how much you qualify for!

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